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Seaside Azores Villa. The house has excellent conditions for a family holiday by the sea, in tranquility with nature. Just outside of the property, you can find hiking trails, a seafront promenade of 2.5 km, viewpoints to stunning landscapes, leisure areas for having barbecues, as well as natural pools (in the sea) and the São Vicente Ferreira Port.


In Azores you can find this gorgeous house located in the municipality of Ponta Delgada, Capelas village, just a 15 minute drive from the João Paulo II airport and Ponta Delgada’s historic centre.

Excellent for a holiday by the sea (100 meters), its location offers tranquility in a distinctive landscape, but where everything is a just a few minutes away.

Capelas village is more than just a holiday area, which is influenced by its microclimate due to basaltic rock formations of volcanic origin. In fact, the village of Capelas was once known for its history in the Whaling Fleet. Here you can find the last traces of what used to be the old Whale Factory on São Miguel Island.

Poça da Dona Beija - Furnas


Take a break from your tour of Sao Miguel with a relaxing swim at Poça da Dona Beija, a small spa featuring three natural pools of iron-rich water known for its therapeutic properties. Fed by a series of hot springs, the small pools remain at about 39 C (102 F), an ideal temperature for soothing tense muscles and easing pains associated with chronic rheumatism. On-site facilities include restrooms, showers, and changing rooms, as well as a small gift shop selling handmade jewelry. Keep in mind that the yellowish water can leave stains on your clothes, so wear an old bathing suit for your swim.

Sete Cidades viewpoint

This is the iconic view that everyone wants to see. It’s hard to find due to lack of signposting. If you’re using the tourist map of the island, you won’t see it marked. Head for Lagoa do Canario and you will see a car park opposite the gates. You can walk in or, much easier, drive through the gates and keep going straight ahead until you reach the small car park. It wasn’t too busy when we were there but we didn’t see much due to low cloud. It was a great experience though and worth it for the odd glimpse of the lakes below. It’s quite a climb up so not for the infirm and definitely not for those scared of heights. Good shoes are required as the path is very eroded in places.

Caldeira Velha - Fogo Lagoon

A waterfall of warm, iron water where you can take a dip, it is located on the north slope of the Fogo Volcano.

One of the best attraction in São Miguel. You could relax yourself trying the different pools inside the park. You could clean your mind immerged in a pool surrendered between trees and waterfalls.

Avoid the weekends and enjoy during the week. Amazing

Vila Franca islet


This islet is a major attraction in the coastal panorama of the Azores due to its geological, biological, historical, cultural, landscape values and, in particular, the importance in the preservation of species and habitats. It is located south of Vila Franca do Campo and corresponds to the ruins of an ancient submarine volcanic cone surtseyan type. It is estimated that the respective construction has taken place about four to five thousand years ago.

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